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Mika Stunned by the death of Sidhu Musewala

Mika can’t think that Punjabis can kill an artist in this way in the heart of Punjab. ”I used to say in a loud voice, I am proud as a Punjabi! And now? My head is failing to the ground in shame.” Tears came to the eyes of music star Mika Singh. He is devastated by the murder of young singer and lyricist Sidhu Musewala.

Will the life of a talented young artist in the heart of Punjab end this way?

being a Punjabi himself, Mika can’t accept anything. His plea to the state government is that the culprit should be severely punished. The singer posted a picture with the late Sidhu on his Instagram profile on Monday. Angered, he wrote, ‘Bright future, Sidhu has to leave popularity. I want justice for this. My his soul rest in peace.”

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