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Bollywood actor Aamir Khan eating paanipuri 🍲

Aamir Khan stepped out for movie promotions. The dude making the pani puris found himself at the center of all the crowd. As Aamir came in and was immediately surrounded by a crowd. And here, Aamir also took paanipuri like others. Now I also m wishing to eat paanipuri 😋 😋

Did you know? in an earlier interview, Aamir spoke about his divorce with Kiran Rao? ”Actually, Kiran and I realised that we like each other so much and consider one another family in the truest sense. Kiran and I are actually families. But our relationship of husband and wife experienced a certain change and we wanted to respect the institution of marriage. However, we are always going to be by each other’s side. We are working together. We live close by. But we are no longer husband and wife and that’s why we decided to call it quits”.

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