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Tripura Degree College Merit list 2023

Netaji Subhas Mahavidyalaya

Prospectus 2023-24


*****************   Schedule and Fee Structure  for Admission  of  Confirm List  Candidates *************

Help Desk Number

Bengali  Major Confirm and Waiting List

English Major Confirm and Waiting List

Economics Major Confirm and Waiting List

Education Major Confirm and Waiting List

Geography Major Confirm and Waiting List

History Major Confirm and Waiting List

Kokborok Major Confirm and Waiting List

Philosophy Major Confirm List

Political Science Major  Confirm and Waiting List

Psychology Major Confirm and Waiting List

Sanskrit Major Confirm and Waiting List

Botany Major Confirm and Waiting List 

Human Physiology Confirm and Waiting List

Zoology Confirm and Waiting List

Physics Major Confirm and Waiting List

Mathematics Major Confirm and Waiting List

Chemistry Major Confirm and Waiting List 

Commerce  Confirm and Waiting List


Women’s College


MBB College


Ram Thakur College


BBMC Agartala


PDF Download Link

Tripura Degree College 2023 Merit List

Teliamura College PDF Download link

Belonia Govt College merit list

Longtharai Valley College PDF Download link

Amarpur Degree College Merit list pdf download link


BBMC College Merit list 2023  
Coaching Guidance for BA BSC BCOM
Major Minor Subject Tuition Guidance by  Asst Professor, Gold Medalist , Subject Experts

Hindi Major Provisional Merit list

Philosophy Major Provisional Merit list

Economics Major Provisional Merit list

Political Science Major Provisional Merit list

Kokborok Major Provisional Merit list

History Major Provisional Merit list

English Major Provisional Merit list

Education Major Provisional Merit list

Bengali Major Provisional Merit list

Sanskrit Provisional Merit list

Admission Notification 2023

Ram Thakur College merit list subject wise Coaching Guidance for BA BSC BCOM All Subjects

Ram Thakur College Merit List Subject wise 2023

Merit List of Bengali

Merit List of English

Merit List of Sanskrit

Merit List of Hindi

Merit List of Education

Merit List of History

Merit List of Political Science

Merit List of Philosophy

Merit List of Economics

Merit List of Kokborok

Merit List of Physics

Merit List of Chemistry

Merit List of Mathematics

Merit List of Zoology

Merit List of Botany

Merit List of Human Physiology

Merit List of Commerce

Admission Fees

Notice for PWD candidates

Kamalpur Degree College First Provisional Merit List for First Semester Admission 2023-24

Admission Notice 2023

B.A. Programme

Bengali merit list 2023

Education Provisional Merit list-2023

English Provisional Merit list- 2023

History Provisional Merit list 2023

Kokborok Provisional Merit List 2023

Provisional Merit list of Economics 2023

Philosophy Provisional Merit List 2023

Political Science Provisional Merit List 2023

Sanskrit Provisional Merit List 2023

B.Sc. Programme

Botany Provisional Merit List 2023

Chemistry Provisional Merit List 2023

H. physiology Provisional Merit List 2023

Mathematics Provisional Merit List 2023

Physics Provisional Merit List 2023_

Zoology Provisional Merit List 2023

Admission Guidelines Bengali Version 2023

Prospectus 2023-24 GDC Kamalpur

Reserved Seats of GDC, Kamalpur

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