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Valentine definition in its Full Form

In the feast of Saint Valentine an honor and imperishable love is shown towards the lover’s beloved by giving a card or message. The definition of Valentine is buried in the word itself. An anatomy of the word Valentine provides an incredible meaning that perhaps the lovers did not ever notice. The word is very reach of meaning. But Valentine definition in its Full Form has no universal meaning. As love varies from one another, the explanation of the word also differs from each other.

Valentine Definition –

V venerating towards our love and

Aaccepting bright as well as dark sides of our partner, having

L loyalty towards relationship brings

E everlasting of love.

NNew awakening of our souls

Ttear up all infirmity of us and make

I – immortal our love. I’ll

Nnever ever leave my lifeline

E even in my afterlife.

    That's my desire in valentine's day that my eyes are eagerly waiting to see it coming into truth. Now Valentine means a day to show veneration towards our love by accepting all positive and negative sides of our partner and being loyal towards relationship that brings an everlasting love in our life. Very Often Valentine is considered as A New Awakening of Our Souls.  
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