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TBSE Suggestion English 2022 (Pre-Board+Board)

TBSE Suggestion English 2022: School Of Learning Coaching initiated to guide the students for upcoming TBSE Suggestion Board students by providing the suggestions for all Arts, Science and Commerce.

TBSE Suggestion English 2022:School Of Learning Coaching initiated to guide the students for upcoming TBSE Suggestion Board students by providing the suggestions for all Arts, Science and Commerce.
TBSE Suggestion English 2022

Chapter – Lost Spring

  1. From which book has the excerpt been taken ?

Answer – Lost Spring has been taken from Stories of Stolen Childhood

2. What is the actual name of Saheb ?

Answer – Saheb-e- Alam is the actual name of saheb.

3. Saheb the Saheb’s family live in India ?

Answer – in Seemapuri Saheb’s family lives.

4. Which place is famous for bangles ?

Answer – Firozabad is famous for bangles.

5. What is Mukesh’s wish to be ?

Answer – To be Motor mechanic is Mukesh’s wish.

 6. What is the occupation of Mukesh’s family ?

Answer – The occupation of Mukesh’s family is to make bangles.

7. How many children work in bangle industry ?

Answer – in bangle industry, around 20,000 children work.

8. What does Saheb do the whole day?

Answer – He roams the sheets barefoot with other children carrying plastic bags and scrounging for garbage.

9. What is Saheb wearing? Answer – saheb is wearing discarded tennis shoes and one of them has a hole. 10. Where has Saheb got a job? How much do they pay?

Answer – Saheb has got a job at a small tea stall. He is paid 800 and all his meals.

TBSE Political Science Suggestion 2022

11. Why is Firozabad famous?

Answer – Firozabad is the centre of India’s glass blowing industry where families have spent generations working around furnaces, welding glass, making bangles for women all over India. Thus, it gradually becomes famous.

12. Why do children lose their eyesight?

Answer – Children work in the hot furnaces in the bangel making industry and so often losing the brightness of their eyes. A number of workers become blind with the dust from polishing the glass of bangles.

13. Who is Mukesh? Answer – Mukesh is the son of a poor bangle maker of Firozabad, where every other family is engaged in making bangles.

14. From where did the ragpickers come to live in Seemapuri? Answer – The ragpickers are refugees, came from Bangladesh and settled in Seemapuri 45 years ago.

15. When did Saheb’s family leave their native land and where did they migrate?

Answer – Saheb’s family left their village in Dhaka in 1971 due to extreme poverty and migrated to Delhi and started living at Seemapuri.

16. Why is garbage gold for ragpickers?

Answer – Garbage is gold to the ragpickers because in the garbage, they find hope to get something useful for them, or some money, or some particles which they can sell at the junk shop to get some money.

17. Justify the title `Lost Spring’.

Answer – In the chapter ‘Lost Spring’, the writer has described the lost childhood of thousands of poor children in our country who live in slums like Seemapuri or work in the bangle industry of Firozabad. So the title Lost Spring actually means losing the beautiful childhood of poor children like Saheb and Mukesh.

18. Who was cooking in Mukesh’s family ? Answer – A frail young woman, Mukesh’s elder brother’s wife was cooking the evening meal for the whole family.

19. What does Saheb – e- Alam mean?

Answer – Saheb-e-Alam means the Lord of the Universe.

20. What do the ragpickers have to cast their vote ?

Answer – Ragpickers have voter identity cards and ration cards which enables them to cast their votes and buy food.

                                  TBSE SUGGESTION ENGLISH 2022 (PreBoard)

Chapter – Indigo

What is the name of Gandhiji’s autobiography ?

Answer – “ The Life of Mahatama Gandhi”

 was Rajkumar Shukla ?

Answer – A sharecropper or a peasant.

Where was Rajkumar Shukla from? Where did hevisit Gandhi for the first time?

Answer: Rajkumar Shukla was from Champaran. He visited Gandhi at his ashram in Sevagram for the first time.

To where did Shukla follow Gandhiji?

Answer – Shukla followed Gandhi to Cawnpore Later at Calcutta.

Where did Professor J.B. Kriplani use to teach ?

Answer – J.B.Kriplani used to teach in Arts College in Muzzafarpur.

How much land product had the peasants kept under the share-cropping system ?

Answer – Around two third land product or 15% of the total holdings the peasants had kept under share-cropping system.

Who was the name of the wife of Gandhi Ji ?

Answer – Mrs Katurbai is the wife of Gandhiji.

Who volunteered to work in Champaran?

Answer – two disciples of Gandhi and their wives volunteered to work in Champaran.

Who is the lawyer in the story? In his house who went ?

Answer – Dr Rajendra Prasad is the lawyer. In his house Rajkumar Shukla and Gandhiji went.

Who considered Gandhi Ji untouchable ?

Answer – the servants of Rajendra Prasad considered Gandhi Ji  untouchable.

 much Gandhi Ji demanded from the British landlords ?

Answer – Gandhiji at first demanded Only 50% to return to the poor peasants. But finally he agreed for 25% refund of the money.

With whose help did Gandhi open schools?

Answer – With the help Desai and Narhari Parikh, their wives, Gandhi’s wife and his son, Gandhi opened schools and taught cleanliness and sanitation.

What were the medicines, available in Champaran villages ?

Answer – The medicines are castor oil, quinine and sulfur ointment.

Who is Sir Edward Gait?

Answer: Sir Edward Gait is the Lieutenant-Governor.

How many times did Gandhi meet the Lt. Governor?

Answer – Gandhi met the Lt. Governor for four times.

For howmany time did the Magistrate ask Gandhi to finish bail?

Answer – The Magistrate asked Gandhi to furnish bail for 120 minutes

Thed the police superintendent’s messenger serve Gandhi?

Answer – the police superintendent’s messenger served an official notice to Gandhiji.

After Tirhut, where did Gandhi go?

Answer – After Tirhut, Gandhi went Motihari, the capital of Champaran.

 where did Gandhi and Shukla board a train?

Answer: Gandhi and Shukla boarded a train for the city of Patna in Bihar.

Which country had developed synthetic indigo?

Answer: Germany had developed synthetic indigo.

What was going to be held in Lucknow in 1916?

 Answer – The Annual Convention of the Indian National Congress party was going to be held in Lucknow in 1916.

What was the capital of Champaran?

Answer: Motihari was the capital of Champaran.

Who came from Bihar to help Gandhi in Champaran?

Answer: The persons who came from Bihar to help Gandhi are Rajendra Prasad, Brij Kishor Babu, Maulana Mazharul Haq and several other prominent lawyers.

Why did Shukla come to Lucknow?

Answer – The Annual Convention of the Indian National Congress party was going to be held in Lucknow in 1916. So Shukla came to Lucknow to complain about the injustice and the landlord system to Gandhiji in Bihar.

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