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NORA FATEHI outside the sets of Dance Dewane Juniors 🔥: Blue Angel

How is Nora Fatehi’s blue velvet dress? A glimpse from the set of Dance Deewane Juniors. She is looking too gorgeous to be claimed as a blue angel. Her entire staff is here to make up her – for styling, hair and getting ready .

what Did Nora say about learning dance? 🤔

did you know she is a self-taught dancer?. She herself has learnt with immense hard work. She said ”I have a knack for the arts. I like to dance, I like to act, and because I didn’t have the resources to learn, I had to learn myself. I remember I used to lock myself in a room and YouTube all these performers that I really liked at that time……..”.

Nora used to watch, rewind, stop, rewind, look in the mirror, do a move. If it was not coming, then she tried again the next day until that one move came. And then it just went on from there to watching Beyonce videos all day, every day.

What did Nora say about Madhuri Dixit🤨?

Nora outside the set of a dance reality show has spoke about Madhuri Dixit. She has mentioned that she is a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit so she once used to watch all her songs during learning dance.

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