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CUET 2022 mock test : English

In almost all exams English now plays a vital role. CUET (Common University Entrance Test) also includes a portion in general paper where every student will have to attempt English questions. Now the students in their preparation phase obviously is searching for a best guidance to build up a strong knowledge about English. The website definitely help these students to find out the strategy how to prepare to attempt English question.

How will the English questions come?

Each and every question contains 1 mark. It may come as multiple choice question. No literature question will come in entrance exam. All the students have to attempt these multiple choice questions that will be given from basic grammar. Basically these grammar related questions may have come from 9th or 10th standerd.

What is there in English syllabus?

In the syllabus the students will get the following topics : –

  1. verbal ability test
  2. error finding/ correct & incorrect
  3. vocabulary test
  4. rearrange of sentence.
  5. comprehension test

Mock test : –

  1. you are nearly to be married.

A. on B. at C. about D. in

2. The professor talked on ships.

A. in B. about C. to D. at

3. store food for famine.

A. by B. to C. against D. from

4. night comes of day.

A. after B. to C. above D. over

5. Nehru stood on the middle of people.

A. between B. among C. amidst D. over

6. the spider went on round the nest.

A. on B. around C. amidst D. before

7. Rosie was standing by side her mother.

A. behind B. after C. before D. beside

8. I will meet you over twelve O’ clock

A. at B. on C. for D. by

9. by the side of advising he gave us money.

A. behind B. beside C. on D. to

10. I will soon start to Bombay.

A. against B. for C. in D. at

To get the answers just keep eyes on our website – https://walmigujarat.org/ and also never forget to leave your comment. We’ll upload the answers.

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