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Tripura Film Industry: Nazrul Kalakhetra Agartala

Tripura cultural affairs minister Sushanta Chowdhury held several rounds of meeting with the officials and faculties of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI) in Kolkata to finalise the course and curriculum of the upcoming film institute here slated to start Tripura Film Industry from the next academic session.

SRFTI confirmed to set up Tripura Film Industry

Chowdhury, accompanied by the director of information and cultural affairs, Ratan Biswas, visited the SRFTI campus and held detailed discussions with the director and other officials of the institute seeking cooperation for running a film institute in Tripura, including faculty exchange and infrastructure support.
“The SRFTI authority has welcomed our request and assured us that a team will soon visit the proposed site for the institute in the annexe building on Nazrul Kalakhetra campus where National School of Drama has been operating. We are ready with the required funds and administrative approval for starting the institute even if it is initially a certificate course,” Chowdhury said last week. Tripura Film Industry will set up temporary by converting Nazarul Kalakhetra, Agartala

Initial Budget for Tripura Film Industry

The state government has sanctioned Rs 5.76 crore for Tripura Film Industry on priority basis to start the film institute to train the budding talents, who have been performing excellently on digital platform, he stated, adding, “Proper training with theoretical backup would provide a wide range of employment opportunities for the state.”

Course and Syllabus for Tripura Film Study

The course and curriculum of the upcoming Tripura Film Industry here slated to start from the next academic session. The SRFTI faculties will teach and exchange to start the TFI initially. In the upcoming session the TFI will start its journey officially.

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