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Free fire – the gameplay that excites every gaming mind

Game is something which helps to bust the stress and makes the mind fresh. This pandemic situation, where everyone was bored and had hectic games, was one of the stress busters this weekend. One of the games was being played by everyone in the Free fire app.

Free fire game is free and available on Android and IOS also. Furthermore, the game is being loved by all age groups. Thus, it has a royal touch for this game.

Background and basic information related to the Free Fire game

The Original name of the free fire app is Garena free fire. Many people are unknown with this fact There are features and modes available under this app. Further, the app was developed by 111dots studio though it was published by Garena.

Any person can download the free fire app on their Android or iPhone mobiles. They are easily available on the play store and apple store.  As the pandemic started in the year 2020 but the app was gaining more users in the year 2019, hence there were many downloads globally. Also, there were daily150 active users.

Furthermore, the app grossed $1 billion worldwide. The app was originally released on 23rd August 2017. And the second version that is free for max is released on 28th September 2021. This game is played by multiple players. This is available on google free play.

Free Fire Game App Download

Game mode

Under the Free fire game, two game modes can be played by the users.

  • Mode 1 Battle royal:

 This mode is something which can give ranked to the users and this can be practiced by classic mode. Before entering this mode of free fire one can have fun and practice in classic mode. Under battle royal mode, 50 different users need to fight among them and kill them with weapons and animation which are hidden in the island-building. This mode can be played by a single user or solo and even in a team of 4 or 6 players.

  • Mode 2 Clash Squad:

This mode can be played by 4 vs 4 modes. It means it requires a team of 4 players to with this game. All the players need to buy the weapons and animation available in the store. The money is in-game money and not real money.

After buying all the weapons they need to kill the opposite or opponent team members, hence if they won the battle the winning team receives BOOYAH. 4 rounds need to be played.  The victory of this game is only achieved when it kills all members of the opponent team.

Recent news

As per the last month’s news published all the 54 apps of china originated were banned from the Indian country. But the free fire app is not from china but it is originated from Singapore based company.

The app was removed from store play and all the Android phones also. But as per the latest news it has said that there is going to be relaunched by the company and as per the government it will take far more days to launch the game on all the platforms.


Free Fire is a game that was available in all the stores and played by everyone. though it is not available on the play store and banned by the company soon it will available on the play store.

Download Free Fire App here

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