Previous Year Question Paper : UG 2nd Semester English Literature

AS YOU LIKE IT: One question from romantic comedy will definitely come in Undergraduate 2nd semester literature question paper as the paper consists of a romantic comedy As You Like It. Download the previous year question paper in the following links.

What are the features of Romantic comedy? UG year question paper

Romantic comedy is as “A general term for comedies that deal mainly with the follies and misunderstanding of young lovers, in a light-hearted and happily concluded manner which usually avoids serious satire”. the salient features of comedies are:

  1. The romantic comedy is found to have a happy ending, usually involving the marriage between the unmarried characters in the play. for example: – in As You Like It we have seen the play ending with as many as five marriages.
  2. A romantic comedy is a type of a play which consists of love affair between the characters mainly the protagonists of the play.
  3. In a romantic comedy, there are some difficulties that arise due to the affairs between the protagonists or the other major characters struggle to overcome these difficulties.
  4. Romantic comedies are full of light-hearted tone. There is nothing serious in it except some situation, in which the tension prevails. However, the tension is between Apollonian values (reason, control etc) and Dionysian Values (desire, wildness etc).
  5. The matter of mistaken identities and deception also forms an important ingredient in the romantic comedies. Due to this comic plot enlivens and the readers are interested. Disputes between the characters resulting in complex plot make the comedies interesting.
  6. Shakespeare’s romantic comedies also bring out the pastoral settings or the country settings which give us a very unique and interesting background.
  7. The basic feature of a romantic comedy is that two characters must part away due to an arrangement or other obstacle then ultimately realistic their love for one and other and reunite. Download UG previous year question paper

Discuss As You Like It as a romantic comedy: UG previous year question paper

As You Like It is one of the best romantic comedies of Shakespeare. in a romantic comedy, romantic and comic elements are mingled. As You Like It keeps us laughing most of the time, despite some saddling incidents in it. The laughter is aroused in us by Rosalind, Celia, by Touchstone, by Jaques. As You Like It has been one of the finest specimen of romantic comedies ever produced. previous year question paper.

Shakespeare has not hesitated to introduce comic situations and comic characters in his tragedies and sad happenings and pathetic characters in his comedies. Thus in As You Like It the banishment of Duke Senior, the no lent quarrel between Orlando and Oliver. Duke Fredrick’s shabby treatment to Orlando and the banishment of Rosalind are all sad happenings. But the play creates an outstanding effect of comedy which provides much amusement and mirth of to us.

The most striking romantic element in the plot is the theme of youthful love. In this play, Rosalind and Orlando fall in love with each other at first sight. Then we find Orlando in the Forest of Arden composing verses in praise of her beauty and virtue; and Rosalind disguised as Ganymede induces Orlando to make love to her. The sudden love of Celia and Oliver is a romantic affair too. Phebe and Silvius are pastoral lovers, and also an example of unrequited love. Touchstone and Audrey, on the other hand, are hardly romantic lovers.

It is the element of love that fills the entire atmosphere of the play gives us happiness. The theme of the play is also the vacation against the urban life which makes it a romantic comedy proper. Finally the setting of the play, the love relationship, the pastoral background, the marriage, the fun-fill incidence and the presence of tragic elements make As You Like It a perfect example of romantic comedy.

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