B.A 2nd semester previous year question 📗 📙

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Unit wise questions (English Literature) : –

unit – 1

  1. who created the term ‘Romantic period’? write down the characteristics of Romantic period.
  2. what are the 5 elements of romanticism?
  3. what are the main characteristics of literary criticism in the early part of 19th century? discuss about the contribution of any two critics.
  4. ” Romanticism has been defined as the addition of strangeness to beauty” – discuss with reference to two major poets of the Romantic period.
  5. Describe some of the characteristic features of Romantic poetry. Discuss how William Wordsworth’s treatment of Nature is reflected on his long poem.
  6. what are the major literary form during the Victorian era?
  7. critically examine Alfred Lord Tennyson as the most representative poet of the Victorian age.
  8. write a note on woman Victorian novelist.
  9. what are the important features of the Victorian novel? write on the contribution of Charles Dickens towards the development of the Victorian novel.
  10. discuss the contribution of two major writers of the Victorian period. Who may be called ‘the representatives of the age’.

How to write a unique answer 📙 🖊️ for college standard?

At first begin the answer ✍️ with ‘introduction’ point. In this point always try to add the background related to the topic and put unique points such as – the time, date, writer’s background so on. after concluding the first point give an analytical point. In this point answer should be presented analytically step by step. After analyzing the answer the add ‘conclusion’ where you have to sum up the whole topic. Always remember to present an answer using point. To get best coaching 📙 for your B.A program we’re providing you online as well as offline mode teaching session. To get all the references contact with us : – The School of Learning center, Tripura.