B.A previous year question: English Literature 📒

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Topic – Macbeth 📒

by- William Shakespeare 🖋️

  1. write a short note on Shakespearean tragedy. How would you access Macbeth as a typical Shakespearean tragedy? Consider Macbeth as a tragic hero.
  2. significance of the Banquet scene & Porter scene in Macbeth.
  3. the visions and hallucination in Macbeth. What role do they play in the development of his character.
  4. what supernatural elements do you find in Macbeth? Why is the word ‘bloody’ a persistent image in this play? Give one example of Shakespeare’s use of ‘bloody imagery’ in Macbeth and comment on it.
  5. discuss the role of the three witches we find in Macbeth.

Topic – As You Like It 📒

By- William Shakespeare 🖋️

  1. As You Like It as a pastoral comedy.
  2. where does the central action of the play As You Like It? who is Charles? write a note on the Forest of Arden as a place of discovery. What part does it play in As You Like It?
  3. what are the features of a romantic comedy? discuss As You Like It as a romantic comedy.
  4. what role does the Forest of Arden play in As You Like It?
  5. How many marriages occur towards the end of the play, As You Like It? Name the pairs and the heavenly figure who were present in the occasion.

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